Kimber’s next litter of AKC Doberman puppies are due 9/27/19. I have a full waiting list, but there is a possibility of still getting a puppy from this litter. The puppies will all be black and rust or black and tan and the females are $1800 ($2000 for pick of the litter female) and the males are $2000 ($2200 for pick of the litter male). Full AKC breeding rights are available for an additional $500. Parents are DNA health tested. Many Champions in their pedigree including Del Nasi, Chagall, Kimbertal, Sant Kreal, Altobello, Pride of Russia, De Britton, Lipar Land, and others. Father is full European and mother is 1/2 European.

Puppies bred for temperament and conformation. They are well socialized from a young age. My puppies have gone on to make wonderful family pets that are great with children and other animals. Some of my puppies have also gone on to excel in agility, drug sniffing, tracking, personal protection, and as service dogs. They have a natural protective instinct and are great watch dogs, yet are calm and loving to people that they know are not a threat. There is massive potential in so many areas, or they can simply be part of the family and enjoy daily pleasures like being a jogging buddy or someone to cuddle beside on the couch.

In order to reserve a puppy, you will be placed on my waiting list. The order of choosing your puppy is based on the order of the waiting list. I have one collective waiting list for all my Doberman puppies from all litters. A $400 non-refundable deposit reserves your position on the waiting list and goes towards the cost of your puppy. After being added to the waiting list, you may be able to obtain a puppy rather quickly, or it may be upwards to a year to obtain your puppy. Contact me and I will be able to give you an estimate on what your wait time may be. Adding a puppy to your home is a long term commitment and should not be made hastily. If I have a litter from a different mother than you prefer, you retain your position on the waiting list for another litter from another mother.

The pictures and video below are from Kimber’s previous litters, but with a different sire (Tyson). This is Kimber and Draco’s first litter together.

Please note that the cropping of the ears is the responsibility of the buyer. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in getting a Doberman puppy.