My name is Andrea and I have raised Dobermans for twenty years. My passion for the breed started whenever I was just 12 years old and my family had our first Doberman, a black and rust female. Soon after that, my mother, who also raises dogs, helped me whenever I was just a teenager to begin to raise and breed Dobermans. Since then, I have always had at least one Doberman throughout the years. As other Doberman lovers will tell you, once you have one, you will always have one! They are such loyal, good natured dogs and there is just something about the alert, intense look the Doberman has and the proud way they carry themselves. I strive to raise Dobermans of utmost quality and temperament. I also have had six years of experience as a nurse at a veterinary clinic which has been very beneficial to me in raising dogs. My puppies are raised with much love and care. My dogs are part of the family and their activities range from lounging on their bed inside to adventurous hikes to going on jogs. I am a smaller breeder with only three Dobermans and can devote plenty of attention and energy to my dogs and puppies.