I’m the proud owner of Dobie. I work with professional athletes and for a period of time earlier this winter I spent some time in Nashville with some of our athletes and while I was there (with Dobie) ESPN was doing a story on one of the players. Well of course he was playing with Dobie and the cameraman shot a few minutes of the two of them playing.....and when they aired that story, of course a ton of that footage was used. So Dobie got national airtime......I even told the on-air personality who and where I got him from. I get compliments on him daily. Whether it’s at the dog park here in Memphis, Petsmart or even in our neighborhood, there is never a day that goes by where someone doesn’t comment to us on how beautiful, intelligent, well-mannered, well-behaved, etc, etc. I could go on and on with the litany of compliments we get on Dobie every day, no matter where we are. I have your name and contact information so well memorized due to constant questioning of where we got him and how can you be gotten in touch with......Dobie was originally bell-trained so his house-breaking might have taken all of 2 days, but he has since been taught to feed himself when he’s hungry, let himself out through the doggy door and roll down the back windows (with the power window buttons) when he feels like some air. He’s just a little over a year old now and has the temperament and personality of whatever age he needs to be given the situation. If he’s at the park he’ll run for days without stopping and has the playfulness of a puppy, or in the reverse if he’s surrounded by children, he’ll lie calmly and allow the kids to practically ride him like a horse without complaint. He is such an amazing dog!!! He has such a unique personality and is so well behaved and so smart; that is such a testament to how well you’ve bred your dogs. Because he’s so fantastic we’re going to get him a sister from you as soon as his parents (Trooper and Mackenzie) have another litter! Thank you so much for all you’ve obviously done with your dogs and please, PLEASE feel free to use me as reference for anyone and everyone. Sincerely, Jon Persch



This is my second Doberman purchased from Andrea and I cannot rave enough about them. She is an exceptional breeder who truly cares about her dog family and the litters they have. Her Dobermans have a Wonderful of the best I've seen and they are absolutely beautiful dogs....their stature is just amazing. I get compliments on how beautiful our Doberman, Prada, is and how wonderfully behaved she is. She excels in at home training as well as classroom training with other dogs, she is smart and has a desire to constantly learn. If you buy a from Andrea, you will be so glad you did!



Hi Andrea. I just wanted to let you know how much we love our Doberman we got from you! She is the best natured dog I have ever had. My grandkids love to play with her. She is so gentle with them. Zoe is a little spoiled you might say. She thinks she is a lap dog! I have recently recommended you to a friend of mine and she can't wait for your next litter! All your Dobermans are very clean and healthy. That's what really sold me on one of your puppies. When we are ready for another puppy, we will be sure we come straight to you! Thank you so much, Carrie.

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Best Friends

Besides being absolutely beautiful, he has an incredible personality and demeanor.  You have done such a great job developing this line of dogs.  My boy is sweet, loving, friendly and super intelligent.  Socializing him was a breeze! He attracts a lot of attention being gorgeous, and he is gentle and accepting towards both adults and kids.  He spends a lot of time on the weekends out and about with me and has been exposed to a lot of different sights and sounds.  He is curious, smart and learns quite quickly.  Potty training was really easy-  I am pretty sure because of his early experience with you.  He does have a strong Doberman personality and I wanted that and expected it from a Doberman.  He has started to "patrol" our yard and is becoming our watchdog! Anyone who is considering adding a beautiful Texas born and bred AKC Doberman to their family, please do not hesitate when it comes to one of Andrea's dogs.




I wanted a Doberman puppy to keep my older Dobie company. After looking at local breeders and what they had to offer, I didn’t find what I was looking for. I found Andrea’s website online and it just so happened that she had just had a litter. I wanted a red male, and she had a couple available, so I decided to go with it, partly because both Reese and Reno were absolutely gorgeous, and she stated that they had very laidback temperaments. During the waiting period before he could come home with me, Andrea was wonderful. She responded quickly to my questions, and sent me many pictures and videos of my little boy! I picked him up at the airport on February 11, 2013, and he did very well on the flight. Max is turning out to be such a sweetheart. He is 6 months old, and he is a pretty big boy! He is absolutely gorgeous, and I love watching him run and play. I will be getting him into agility competitions, because this dog is super athletic, and super SMART! He is already following my directions on my homemade “course.” I get compliments everywhere I go with Max, both on how beautiful he is, and his excellent manners!! I would definitely recommend getting a puppy from Andrea.


Dear Andrea,


    We would like to share with you a bit about our experience in adopting Bailey.  We began our search for a Doberman Puppy partly because there were some break-ins in our area of San Antonio.  While searching on the internet for puppies, we found your advertisement on the K9 website.  We appreciated the fact that you had 10 years experience breeding Doberman's, and the pics of the parents were also very helpful.  Once we contacted you, we were able to choose a female puppy in the black and rust color.  We sent you our deposit, and waited for her to be picked up at 8 weeks old.  My husband and daughter made the 4 1/2 hour trip to your home to pick up the puppy.  They were able to meet the mother, who was very impressive in size and demeanor.  Ever since the day they picked up Bailey, we knew we all had a new best friend.  She is now 5 months old and has a personality of a Princess.  She is very spunky, playful, loving and obedient.  She likes a good challenge and is very persistent until she achieves the goal she has set for herself.  She has a bit of a stubborn streak, but I believe this will subside with age.  Even though she is over 40 lbs. now, she still thinks she is a 12 lb. puppy at times.  We have crate trained her.  We also trained her on several commands, to include:  sit, lay down, shake, no bite, no dig, fetch, stay, come and kiss.  We had her ears cropped, with your help and advice, they turned out perfect.  She is bringing our entire family so much joy.  We will definitely be contacting you when we decide to get another puppy.  I believe the love, care and attention given to puppies in the 1st eight weeks definitely has an impact on their overall disposition as they grow.  While Bailey isn't full grown yet, it is clear she will be everything we hoped for and much, much more.




The Cunningham Family



This is Leo, he is our first Doberman. We did a lot of searching to find the right place to get a new pup and we decided to go with Andrea. It was clear she took very good care of the puppies throughout the process. They are all very loved and attended to. When we went to pick Leo out she allowed us to take our time finding just the right one for our family and answered all of our questions.  At 8 months, Leo is very obedient, fun-loving, easy-going, loves to cuddle, and gets along great with everyone from kids to other animals (even our 6lb ferret). He does great traveling and going out and about with us. We get compliments on his beautiful coloring and regal stature everywhere we take him. He is one of the best pups I have ever met and he has been the perfect addition to our little family. We are so thankful we found Andrea and would definitely buy from her again! 

~The Grass Family